About the Deal Mediator

Phil Neiman – Deal Mediator

Phil Neiman is a leading practitioner in the specialized field of deal mediation. As a trained mediator who focuses on business transactions, he helps companies involved in negotiations to discover, formulate and conclude the best possible deal for stakeholders on both sides. Phil draws on over a decade of experience in deal formation, origination and negotiation as an attorney, investment banker and investor.

He has conducted deal mediations for public and privately-held companies in a wide range of industries, including financial services, software, electronics, manufacturing, consumer products and restaurants, among others. As a neutral “deal facilitator,” Phil has particular expertise overseeing negotiations involving complex financing arrangements, corporate mergers and technology licensing transactions.

Phil’s objective in every mediation is to help each side’s negotiators negotiate better and to ensure that deal value is maximized. He focuses on identifying the underlying needs and interests of the parties, paying special attention to the exchange of information in the decisionmaking process, encouraging the dealmakers to uncover opportunities for mutual gain and form their optimal transaction.