Intellectual Property

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Intellectual Property and Technology Disputes

Phil Neiman is an experienced mediator with particular expertise in intellectual property and technology disputes. As an investment banker and attorney, Phil financed and advised private and public software companies, hardware manufacturers and a range of internet and other technology firms. Phil was also the chief executive officer of a licensing firm that took consumer products to market on behalf of inventors. He is well-versed in intellectual property law and is aware of the many issues that affect tech companies, developers, content creators and other professionals in the field.

Intellectual property cases are often complex and technical and are best handled by a mediator who understands the law and who has business experience in the field. You can reach Phil at 415-806-4972 for assistance resolving your conflict involving:

  • Patent, trademark, copyright infringement claims
  • Misappropriation of trade secrets
  • Technology ownership contests
  • Royalty rights and licensing disputes
  • Disagreements between developers and clients
  • E-commerce and domain name issues