Real Estate

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Real Estate Disputes

Phil Neiman is an experienced mediator with particular expertise in real estate disputes. As a practicing attorney, Phil worked with contractors, developers, property owners, borrowers, lenders and investors. Phil also has extensive experience in real estate from the business side. He started his career as a financial analyst for a large New York brokerage firm, valuing and marketing commercial property, and he later built a portfolio of multi-unit residential properties as an investor.

Real estate disputes are best handled by a mediator who understands the legal issues and who has a business background in the field. You can reach Phil at 415-806-4972 for assistance resolving your conflict involving:

  • Lenders and borrowers
  • Buyers and sellers
  • Co-owners of property
  • Real estate agents/brokers and their clients
  • Property owners and contractors
  • Contractors and subcontractors
  • Landlords and tenants
  • Homeowners associations and HOA members
  • Neighbors